Agency and Tourism

Become acquainted with new environments and explore their history, art, economy, science, territories, and scenery.

Meet people with different habits, ways of life, traditions, and behaviors; share and exchange values and appreciate the differences and similarities that arise.

Learn about a culture of language and its usages.

Our trips follow traditional tourism itineraries but can also venture into roads less traveled, always with the objective of opening one’s horizons to a different lifestyle.

Itineraries are customized to our customers’ needs and vary based on course of study, time of year, and/or budget. All are life altering experiences for youth and adults alike.

Each trip is an opportunity for soul searching where all that is encountered stirs a further desire to learn and grow.

Each trip organized by Studio Arcobaleno Tour is unique and specific to each partipant and group. The utmost attention is given to every minor detail.

For this reason, tours are limited to a maximum of 30-40 trips per year, each different from the next.  All are rich in activities and unique experiences such as visits to schools and artisan shops, to gastronomic havens, to places of culture, folklore and local fare, to exhibitions and conferences.

Agency and Tourism